Ermm. Clearly, the priorities in this country are all over the place. A helpline for cows?! Really? Now, we know gaay hamari maata hai and all of that but then, what do you expect a cow to do? Pick up her owner’s mobile, dial 0 and moo?! Or does the Haryana have some other aim in mind while setting up the helpline? Needless to say, the helpline is not for cows – as in not for cows to dial by themselves but rather, for humans to report any form of atrocity or abuse meted to the humble animal. The cow is considered sacred in our country and is worshipped by many.Also Read - Were Our Ancestors Beef-Lovers? New Study Reveals People of Indus Civilisation Survived On a Meat-Heavy Diet of Pork, Beef & Buffalo

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The government of many states has even banned beef and there have been reactions of the masses to people caught with beef. Not just that, even importers of cow meat and beef have faced the wrath of the religious fanatics with many even being murdered for their suspected hand in smuggling or eating beef! The war over cows has intensified and all of a sudden, the humble animal has assumed a whole lot of importance. The cow which was so far treated like a holy animal but there was none of this insanity surrounding the animal has taken up epic proportions. And while we have a whole lot of issues in the country, a helpline for cows? Really? Also Read - Assam BJP Leader Demands Beef Ban For Zoo Animals, Protests Outside Guwahati Zoo

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The helpline number for the cows is 8284030455. Anyone who sees someone committing any atrocity on a cow or treating a cow with disrespect can call in on this number. The can report incidents of cow smuggling and killing. Once the details are passed on over the phone, they would then be shared with police officials who will look into the matter. There are even barricades set up to stop smuggling of the animal. Last year, the Haryana government passed the Haryana Gauvansh Sanrakshan and Gausamvardhan Act under which cow smugglers can be fined up to Rs 1 lakh and also punished with imprisonment.

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The issue of cow slaughter has taken on huge proportions in the country. There are self proclaimed groups who call themselves the Gau Rakshak Dal and they protect cows. Not only that, they also feel free to punish offenders as they deem fit. Cow smugglers in Haryana were recently forcefully fed panchgavya which is a mixture of cow dung, cow urine, milk, curd and ghee. Cow smuggling might be banned in the state but this might be taking things too far. Harayana unfortunately, is also one of the states where there are maximum reports of atrocities committed against women. We only wish the government and the “rakshaks” were as pro-active in respecting and protecting women!