New Delhi: A huge brawl erupted at a private school in Hisar district of Haryana after a teacher blackened the face of a nine-year-old Dalit girl and paraded her inside the school for performing not well in English test.

Reports claimed that the enraged father of the student has demanded the  school to be closed as it allowed such an incident to take place. Besides, he has also filed an FIR against the school and the teacher.

“My daughter got less numbers in a test held on December 6. A teacher painted my girl’s face with black colour. She was made to go around the school and embarrassed. I demand the administration to close the school. She is in Class 4 and even if she did not know the answer of the question, they should not have done that,” the girl’s father, a labourer stated.

The teacher reportedly used black sketch pen to blacken the face of the girl and made the students shout “shame, shame” at her. Other students at the school have also made similar complaint against the teacher.

“A complaint was filed that a girl’s face was blacked. We are taking action,” police officer Jagjit Singh said, ANI reported.