Rohtak, April 18: The panchayat in Isaipur Khedi village of Rohtak, Haryana, has banned its girls from wearing jeans. They are also not allowed to use mobile phones. The practice has been prevalent for a year now. Even as the girls have resented the decision, the panchayat has been unrelenting. Sarpanch Prem Singh stands by the panchayat’s year-old decision and says, “Girls are not allowed to wear jeans and as they misuse mobiles, we have banned that as well.” Also Read - Haryana Schools For Classes 1-2 to Reopen From March 1 | Govt Issues Guidelines

The panchayat decision had followed several cases of elopement in the village which allegedly brought “bad name” to the village. The panchayat in this village of over 5,000 people held the view that had it not been for cell phones, girls would not have eloped. Likewise, wearing jeans was equated with calling for attention. Prem Singh told Hindustan Times, “When they (girls) use mobile phones, they get in touch with boys and make plans to run away with them. By wearing modern clothes like jeans, they attract unnecessary attention.” Media reports said while the message has aggressively been communicated through loudspeakers, the panchayat is also thinking up ways to ensure girls don’t break the rules. Also Read - Haryana Schools to Reopen For Classes 3 To 5 From THIS Date | Details Here

Meanwhile, there has been dissent within the panchayat, said a report. A panchayat member is reported to have stepped down from his position in protest against the diktat.  Young women have also not like the decision. A young woman asked, “How can you judge a woman’s character from the clothes she wears?”

Another girl said she wasn’t even aware of the diktat and there was no way she was going to follow it. She said mobile phones were a necessity. Haryana has been infamous for its honour killings. Marriage within the same gotra are banned and khap panchayats endorse breaking of any such alliance.