New Delhi: Days after an ‘encounter’ with Cyberabad police killed all four men accused in the rape and murder of the veterinarian, Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy came in support of his counterpart K Chandrashekhar Rao and his police feat for their move and said, “Hats off”.

“Hats off to KCR and Telangana Police officers, the way it happened…” CM Reddy commended Telangana’s move amid an ongoing debate on the consequences of taking law into one’s own hands.

Reddy, who is a close friend of KCR, said that the brutal incident was a shame on part of the society that needs to be questioned.

Criticising the NHRC in a sly remark for launching an investigation in the encounter, CM Reddy said, “Encounter took place. If it happens in films… if the hero resorts to encounter, everybody claps. If it happens in real life and if somebody courageous does it, the National Human Rights Commission comes rushing. They say what happened is wrong, it should not have happened and ask why it happened.”

“In such a situation if an incident like this (encounter) happens, those doing it become heroes,” he added.

The Andhra Pradesh CM said that the incident has once again proved that liquor turns a man into a demon. “When a man sits with three-four others and they all consume liquor, they become demons and commit such gruesome crimes,” he alleged.

Reddy asserted that his government-controlled liquor and shut down 43,000 belt shops (illegal liquor outlets) in the villages. He said the government was taking steps for total prohibition as liquor was the main cause of crimes against women.

Yesterday, Telangana state minister Talasani Srinivas Yadav was heavily criticised for suggesting that if a person does something wrong, there will be an ‘encounter’.

Speaking to a local television channel, Srinivas had asserted that culprits won’t be benefited from any court trial, prison sentence anymore.

The ‘encounter killings’ of December 6, a week after the gangrape and murder of Telangana vet, stirred up the nation but received contrasting reactions. While some hailed the officers involved in the so-called encounter, showering petals on them, others questioned the action calling it adversity on part of law and justice.