Mandya (Karnataka): Karnataka Chief Minister H D Kumaraswamy again broke down on Friday during an election rally in Mandya saying that he’s alive to serve his people and every family. Making an emotional appeal to the people of Karnataka, Kumaraswamy said that the day he would virtually die the day he betrays his people. He said that his people are his biggest asset.

“I had to go to hospital day before yesterday. I won’t say what was the reason, but the day I betray my people, even though I’m alive I’m like dead,” he said. Hitting out at the BJP for repeated attacks on his government on Friday, Kumaraswamy said the power that he enjoys is by the grace of God and support of Congress MLAs and only they have the strength to take it back.

Kumaraswamy said he is not here to make money, as he said people were his “asset” and sought their love and affection. “I have said several times in election rallies that I would have died during my Israel visit, but I have come back alive. How long I’m alive is not important for me. By utilising the power given to me by God, I want to serve every family. That’s the only challenge in front of me,” he said.

The Karnataka Chief Minister earlier too had broken down during a gathering at an event to honour him for becoming the CM of Karnataka. At the event, a teary-eyed Kumaraswamy said that his party men and others might be happy that their “Thamma (brother)” has become the chief minister but he’s not happy at all because he’s the one who knows the pain of heading a govt which doesn’t have the mandate of the people.

“What makes me sad is that they did not vote for my party to be able to form a majority. You are standing with bouquets to wish me, as one of your brothers, your Thamma became CM and you all are happy, but I’m not. I know the pain of the coalition govt. I became Vishkanth. The pain is like swallowing the poison,” Kumaraswamy had said.

Kumaraswamy Friday extensively campaigned in the JD(S)bastion of Mandya Lok Sabha constituency, which will go to bypolls along with two other parliamentary segments and two assembly segments on November 3.

With PTI inputs