New Delhi: It may remind many political observers of the story of Assam minister Himanta Biswa Sarma — once a Congressman and now the BJP’s winning card for the entire northeast. A year after he left the Congress, he didn’t quite overcome the feeling of being neglected. In a tweet to Rahul Gandhi, he had revealed how Rahul Gandhi was busy feeding his dogs, while Himanta Biswa Sarma wanted to discuss some Assam issued with him. Also Read - Madhya Pradesh: Jyotiraditya Scindia Exits. What's Next?

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A similar account allegedly runs through the story of Jyotiraditya Scindia’s resignation as well.

“I spoke to Jyotiraditya Scindia late night and he told me that he waited and waited but there were no forthcoming appointments given to him by ‘our’ leader. When I had resigned as the President of the Congress in Tripura I had said that the young guard feels ‘orphaned’ and let down after Rahul Gandhi abruptly quit as the President and left us in a lurch,” Pradyot Manikya, Jyotiraditya’s cousin, wrote on Facebook. Pradyot too has left the Congress recently and has floated a new outfit.

“In 2018 when BJP approached me my mother and I was told specifically by Scindia and Rahul that they would ensure that Congress would speak for the Indigenous people of Tripura and Northeast and I stayed back in the congress. It’s two years since and Rahul has gone into hibernation, Scindia has quit the party and I am glad I stood up for what I thought was the RIGHT STAND for my people in the region which is neither BJP or Congress. What a tragedy to see the GRAND OLD Party become simply an OLD PARTY………It is truly heartbreaking to see what is happening,” he further wrote.

According to reports, Jyotiraditya wanted to meet Rahul Gandhi for a long time. But he was not being given an appointment. The duo shared a rare camaraderie in the earlier Lok Sabha. But Scindia was no more a Lok Sabha MP after he lost his family bastion Guna to BJP’s Dr Krishna Pal Singh Yadav, who was a trusted aide of the Scindia family.