New Delhi: You call her mad or crazy, but her love for street animals, especially, stray dogs have taken her to another level. A woman in West Bengal’s Nadia district has taken nearly Rs 4 lakh bank loan to provide food, medicines, and daily essentials to around 400 stray canines in her locality.

She has also gone another step ahead by selling all her personal gold ornaments worth about Rs 2 lakh to bear the expenses of the street dogs. As per reports, she spends about Rs 40,000 a month on these animals, who are generally ignored by common people.

Meet Nilanjana Biswas, a housewife living in Kalyani B-11 area in the Nadia district, who has been carrying out this noble and charitable activities in the midst of many oppositions at home and protest from the neighbours. The neighbours praise protest when these stay dogs every day gather outside her house to eat food from her.

“I purchased only one dog, that is Jui, and the rest are collected from streets or given by known persons. But all of them are dear to me,” Nilanjana Biswas told PTI.

Though she doesn’t get support from her industrialist husband for this charitable act, but he gets huge support from her son who helps her every day in giving food and medicines to these neglected animals of the streets. Her daughter, a college student, also cooperates with her.

She has kept three people on a salary basis to cook food and distribute it at various places for the dogs. She pays them Rs 10,000 per month. She also has another trained person to check their health and provide medicines accordingly.

And these dogs don’t eat ordinary food but chicken and rice. They are also being given pure drinking water for hydration and digestion purpose.