New Delhi: As India enters an hour of crisis due to the rise of the deadly coronavirus pandemic, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday evening addressed the nation appealing to citizens to work together and fight this battle that has affected more than 170 people already. Also Read - Despite Receiving Mother's Death News, Health Officer Continues to Perform His Duty

Urging people to take necessary preventive measures to combat COVID-19 outbreak, the Prime Minister called for a voluntary ‘Janta Curfew‘ on March 22, from 7 AM to 9 PM across the nation to prevent the spread of the disease. Also Read - Coronavirus Pandemic: Pakistan Squash Legend Azam Khan Passes Away in London

Here are the top five quotes from PM Modi’s speech: Also Read - Akshay Kumar Says Not Him, His Mother Has Donated Rs 25 cr to 'Bharat Maa' For Coronavirus-Free Nation

1. “The whole world is undergoing a very serious phase of crisis… This crisis has put the entire human race in peril.”

2. “For a developing nation like ours with a large population the growing challenge of coronavirus is not a normal situation. In such a time, only one mantra works – ‘The world is healthy when we are healthy’.”

3. “Even World War I and II did not affect as many countries as coronavirus has done. All is currently not well, but for it to be well we need to fight together… I have never been disappointed by the people of this country. It is the strength of your blessing that our efforts succeed.”

3. “Social distancing is very necessary in the current phase of the coronavirus pandemic. If you feel you are okay and nothing will happen to you, it’s wrong. By doing this, you are doing injustice to yourself and your loved ones.”

4. “On March 22, at 5’o clock, we should stand on our doorways, balconies, in our windows and keep clapping hands and ringing the bells for 5 mins to salute and encourage them. If we can do this, we can fight any battle in the world.”

5. “Navratri Festival is coming in a few days. This is a festival of power worship. India will move forward with full strength, that is my only wish.”