July 29: As per a survey released last month on the basis of religious orientation, there are 3.7 lakh beggars in the country, of which 25 per cent are Muslims. The population of Muslims in India is 14.23 per cent and their number of beggars are comparatively high.Also Read - Rs 10 Lakhs Cash Including Demonetised Notes Recovered from Deceased Beggar's Home in Tirumala

The data was based on those considered ‘non workers’ in Census 2011. As per the survey, non-participants are those who are not in any economic activity or household or other activities. As per the survey, Census 2011 categorised 72.89 crore individuals as beggars. There was an increase of 41 per cent of non-participants from 2001 to 2011. Also Read - Watch | Patna Beggar Sings Jim Reeves Song, Leaves Twitter Amazed With His Fluent English

As per an Indian Express report, there are 92,760 Muslims who are beggars in the country according to Census 2011, whcih mounds to quarter of India’s total beggar population of 3.7 lakh. (ALSO READ: Here is why you should you should think before helping beggars!) Also Read - Mumbai Beggar Turns Out To Be A Millionaire! More Than Rs 10 Lakh Found From Hut After His Death

Indian Express quoted, Mohammed Tarique, coordinator of Koshish, a Tata Institute of Social Sciences Field Action Project on Homelessness and Destitution, as saying, “Destitution is the outcome of the failure of government programmes to provide a safety net to its citizens. This number is evidence of how certain groups in society have lesser access to services and government programmes and are pushed to being destitutes.” (ALSO READ: Central scheme soon to tackle beggary)

Hindus make up to 79.8 per cent of the total population and around 2.68 lakh individuals as beggars which makes it 72.22 per cent of India’s total beggar population. While Christians amount to 2.3 per cent of the total population and make up 0.88 per cent of the beggar population. Buddhists (0.52%), Sikhs (0.45%), Jains (0.06%) and others (0.30%) follow.