New Delhi: A single coronavirus patient flouting lockdown rules and social distancing measures can potentially infect as many as 406 people within a span of 30 days, the Health Ministry quoted a recent study during a press briefing on Tuesday. Also Read - Nepal Airport Under Renovation Amid Coronavirus Lockdown

The study was conducted by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), quoted by Lav Aggarwal, Joint Secretary of Union Health Ministry, which noted that social distancing was the most crucial step for quelling the spread of the deadly COVID-19 outbreak in the country. Also Read - Bangladesh Govt Decides Not to Extend COVID-19 Shutdown

The study highlighted that if proper preventive measures are followed by all citizens, then the transmission rate can be brought down to just 2.5 people per patient in 30 days. Also Read - COVID-19 Cases Cross 1.6 Lakh-mark; Death Toll Above 4,600; Shah Speaks to CMs Over Lockdown Extension | Key Points

Since the central government is now considering to extend lockdown beyond April 14, let’s recap on basic ‘social distancing’ measures:

* Do not venture out to public places.

* Do not take the public transport, unless you work in the essential services listed by the government.

* Wash your hands, keep yourself well sanitised after coming back from outside.

* Maintain one-metre distance from people around you while visiting grocery, medical stores.

* Respect and follow the social distancing circles at markets.

As many as 117 people have died of coronavirus so far, the ministry noted today. The total positive cases in the country has climbed to 4,421, of which 354 were reported in the last 24 hours.