New Delhi: A day after Jyotiraditya Scindia quit the Congress party apparently throwing a spanner in the way of the Congress government, which came to power in 2018, in Madhya Pradesh, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi blamed PM Modi for the debacle. On Wednesday, Rahul attended the Lok Sabha session and refused to comment on the issue when journalists asked him in Parliament. Also Read - Coronavirus: Cases Rise to 4281, Total Deaths at 111, States Hint at Extending Lockdown Beyond April 14 | Top Points

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Minutes after, he took to Twitter and reminded PM Modi that when he was busy destabilising the government, there has been 35% crash in global oil prices.

“Could you please pass on the benefit to Indians by slashing petrol prices to under Rs 60 per litre?” the Congress leader said.

Petrol prices per litre in Delhi on Wednesday went down by Rs 2.69 at Rs 70.29, marking the cheapest fuel rates in about eight to nine months. Similarly, the price of diesel has also been slashed at Rs 63.01, down by Rs 2.33.

However, a veiled response to what is happening in Madhya Pradesh is what caught the eye in Rahul’s tweet. While a section is blaming the Congress for failing to retain Jyotiraditya Scindia, another section inside the Congress is washing its hands off the controversy, saying Scindia was never sidelined in the party — not in Madhya Pradesh either. After Scindia sent his resignation letter to Congress interim president Sonia Gandhi, the Congress announced its decision to expel Scindia. This is the first official reaction from the High Command, which evidently put the onus on BJP and PM Modi.