Bengaluru, Oct 29: The rising intolerance in the nation could be gauged by the fact that a Hindu-Muslim riot breaks out in Manglore since a barber belonging to the minority community refused to shut his shop. The communal clash did not cause any casualty, but highlights the fact that fringe elements are on their toes to give religious colour to local issues. Also Read - Accused of Conversion, Two Nuns Harassed on Train in Uttar Pradesh; Amit Shah Assures Action

The incident is of Nelliyadi village, 70 km from the city of Manglore. On Tuesday, a local barber, identified as Salman, did not close his shop despite being warned by members of the local Hindu community. At 4 PM in the evening, a group of influential locals reached his shop and instructed him to bring down the shutters, since the indignant majoritarian community considered it a taboo to cut their hairs on Tuesday. However, Salman disagreed and showed a defiant attitude which triggered a Hindu-Muslim square-off.  (ALSO READ: Bajrang Dal activist Prashant Poojary murdered in Mangalore; Police arrests 8 Muslims) Also Read - Rinku Sharma, Bajrang Dal Activist, Killed Amid 'Jai Shri Ram' Slogans | Key Details Revealed

“It is well-known that Hindus don’t cut their hair on Tuesdays. Salman was initially a nice boy. He used to respect our wishes and close his shop then. But in the last few weeks, he stopped doing that,” local Bajrang Dal leader Ravi Balliya was quoted as saying by the Hindustan Times. The right-wing activists allege that Salman was provoked by members of fringe Muslim outfit Popular Front of India (PFI) to keep his shop open on Tuesday and provoke the Hindus. Also Read - No Element in Bajrang Dal's Content Violative of Facebook Policies: Social Media's India Head Tells Parliamentary Panel

“PFI leaders have filled poison in the mind of that innocent boy,” Balliya added. The incident comes in the backdrop of the gruesome murder of anti-beef slaughter activist Prashant Poojary allegedly by members of PFI.

The riot was controlled by the Manglore Police which also detained a number of PFI and Bajrand Dal volunteers who had arrived on the scene. However, the area remained tense. Manglore is drastically turning into a communally sensitive region with more than 153 incidents of religion-based conflict recorded in 2015.