New Delhi, June 14: Hindu Sena on Tuesday celebrated the birthday of United States 2016 Presidential Election candidate Donald Trump on his birthday at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi. The Sena activists also observed a moment of silence for Orlando victims. Also Read - It's Not How You Talk About Friends: Joe Biden Slams Donald Trump For Calling India's Air 'Filthy'

The Hindu group celebrated Trump’s birthday with balloons and posters of him with a gun. The Hindu Sena calls Trump the saviour of humanity and messiah against Islamic terror. Their posters also read, “Happy Birthday Trump. Long Live Trump”. They also prayed for his well bring and long life. Also Read - US Election 2020: 'PM Modi, Trump Get 'Along So Well', Says Former US Envoy; Claims Relationship With India Has Never Been This Stronger

Posters of the event were also shared on WhatsApp and other social media platforms for inviting people to attend it. The Hindu Sena had organised a ‘havan’ for Trump in May 2016 praying for his success in Presidential elections. (ALSO READ: Hindu Sena members pray to god for Donald Trump’s victory) Also Read - With 2 Weeks to Go For US Election 2020, President Donald Trump Casts Early Vote

Trump won supporters and haters for his take on Muslims. He had proposed ban on Muslims entering the United States once he becomes the President, which made him hero overnight for political parties with right-wing opinion. Trump had said that he will be the answer to growing Islamic radicalism across the world.

Here are some of the pictures of his birthday celebrations in India: