New Delhi: After nine years of probe, Delhi police’s Crime Branch has finally solved a mysterious murder case where in a man was killed and his remains were cut into pieces and spread over a large stretch of road. Notably, the police has arrested two people including the deceased’s wife in connection with the murder case that took place in 2011.

The police has found that victim’s wife Shakuntala and her lover Kamal had hatched a conspiracy to kill her husband Ravi. They had executed their plan with help of a driver.

Speaking to a news agency one of the officials probing the case said that after inconclusive results of polygraph tests in 2012, we got a key breakthrough in 2017 after conducting a brain mapping test of the accused.”Main accused Kamal had a relationship with Shakuntala. In 2011, her marriage was fixed with a man called Ravi. She remained in contact with Kamal after the marriage. A month into the marriage, both hatched a conspiracy to kill Ravi,” the police officer said.

Elaborating further, he added,”As per plan, Shakuntala went to visit her sister along with her husband and invited her, Kamal to join them. They hailed the cab of the driver who was part of their plan and executed the murder during the journey.”  The accused paid a driver Rs. 70,000.

“The case completely changed in 2017 when we conducted a brain mapping test of main accused and the driver. After confessing to murder in the brain mapping test, both Kamal and Shankutla absconded from home but Kamal was caught from Alwar,” he stated.

After interrogation, the main accused confessed to the crime. He admitted that they initially buried the body in a pit at a construction site but later took it out and threw pieces of his body on the stretch from Alwar to Rewari, police said. 25 pieces of bones was also recovered from the construction site where Ravi was originally buried.