New Delhi: Soon after Union Minister Prakash Javadekar on Tuesday announced that the Centre has decided to create the post of Chief of Defence Staff (CDS), Union Defence Minister Rajnath Singh termed it ‘historic decision’, and said it is a major step towards bringing about proper coordination in the Armed Forces.

He also said that the move from the Centre will pave the way for reforms in the higher defence management in the country.

“In a historic decision for ushering in reforms in the higher defence management in the country, the Government has decided to create a post of Chief of Defence Staff and to create a Department of Military Affairs, within the Ministry of Defence (MoD),” he said in a series of tweets.

He also said that PM Modi has fulfilled his promise by creating the post for the CDS. “The decision to create CDS is a major step towards bringing about jointmanship between the Armed Forces. With this decision the government has fulfilled the commitment given by the PM Modi from the ramparts of Red Fort during his Independence Day speech this year,” he further added.

Holding a press conference, Union Minister Prakash Javadekar, earlier in the day, stated that the Union Cabinet has approved the creation of Chief of Defence Staff’s (CDS) post and its charter. He said that the CDS will be a 4-star general who will head the new Department of Military Affairs.

“He will be drawing a salary equivalent to service chiefs and will head the Department of Military Affairs to be created under the Ministry of Defence. He will function as its Secretary,” Javadekar said during the Cabinet briefing.

Saying that the CDS will have all the powers like other secretaries, including financial,  Javadekat said that the CDS will be the single-point military adviser to the government as suggested by the Kargil Review Committee in 1999.

The CDS will have to take the challenge of coordinating the three services of the Armed Forces, which will include powers to work on setting up of few theatre commands as well as to allocate military assets among the services to synergise their operations.

The development comes after PM Modi had on August 15 said in his speech that India will have the CDS as head of the three services.