New Delhi, April 8: Cow has been at the center of a lot of attention in our country and has been perceived by different people differently around the nation. Religious reasons, Oedipal reasons, food habit or just love for a living being, the cow if only it could talk, we are sure it would have a lot to teach us about being a cow in India. However, in a latest business article, this favourite bovine of ours took the avatar of a business model. But then first things first, usually disclaimers follow the stories, but in case of this particular story we must ‘disclaim’ at the earliest that we neither reject nor support the issue of cow slaughter through this article and the author of this story and the original story which it is based are not mocking cows. Also no animals were hurt in the writing of this story. None that we know of. Also Read - Viral Video: This Toddler Playing and Cuddling with a Cow is the Cutest Thing On Internet Today

Rose Leadem of Entrepreneur in a report ‘This Cow Illustrates 8 Business Models’ said how The Business Backer, a funding solutions company have come up with a simple illustrative method to explain the difference between various business models. However, this business model uses the example of a cow to help describe the differences. The cow as a metaphor for a business model is in direct contradiction to Joey’s ‘moo point’ comment in the famous television series F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Because after we go through this illustrative cow-metaphor business model description, things become surprisingly understandable and interesting and the points matter. Also Read - Meet Harshita Dagha, The 29-Year-Old Mompreneur Who's Managing The Best of Both Worlds!

The Entrepreneur story seeks to educate those who are unsure of which business model to use for their business establishment. Apart from that the following examples will show the how the cow has evolved into a being in a grey suit, holding a briefcase and can smirk looking at the Charging Bull on Wall Street. Also Read - 5 Cows Die After Drinking Illicit Liquor Mistaking it for Water, 15 Others Receive Treatment at Veterinary Camp

Following are the 8 Business models explained by the metaphorical cow (Source: The Business Backer)


True this illustration has nothing about cow vigilantes, cow slaughter, the beef about beef or any wise men’s comment or demand regarding the animal, but we did learn something about business model now. Didn’t we? Business models can either make or break business establishments and hence this piece of information is bound to be helpful in simplifying all about them. So indeed the knowledgeable cow taught us something about business models referred above (not holding on to cows for ransom money model).

Holy Cow!

(Please note: The infographic used in the story belongs to The Business Backer)

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