New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday took to Twitter to share a list of guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health on home quarantine, which, the ministry stated, was to protect ‘you and your loved ones.’ Also Read - Coronavirus Outbreak in India: Centre Declares COVID-19 a 'Notified Disaster'; West Bengal, Goa Govts Announce Closure of Educational Institutes Till March 31

“Some important information here. Do read,” the Prime Minister said in his tweet, sharing the guidelines. Also Read - Coronavirus: Row at Delhi Woman's Funeral as Family Says Was Told to Take Body to Other Crematorium

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In its tweet, the Health Ministry said, “Home Quarantine is to protect you and your loved ones. Please follow the Guidelines on Home Quarantine available at”

The guidelines state that those quarantined at home should stay in a well-ventilated single-room, which, preferably, has a separate or attached toilet. If another family member needs to stay in the same room, the guidelines state, there should be a distance of at least a metre between the two individuals.

Further, those in home quarantine have also been advised to stay away from senior citizens, pregnant women, children as well as with those with comorbidities within the household as their immunity may be low.

Notably, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is currently in home quarantine with his family after his wife, Sophie, earlier this week tested positive for novel coronavirus. He has described working at home as ‘inconveniencing and extremely frustrating.’

A total of 84 confirmed cases of coronavirus, including two deaths, have been reported from India thus far.