New Delhi: The lockdown season coinciding with the wedding season spelt big trouble for the administration in the past few months as, despite several restrictions on the number of invitees, caution was thrown to the wind. Bihar and Kerala witnessed the two biggest COVID chains set off by wedding parties. Also Read - Days After 26 Fatalities, 15 More Covid Patients Die at Goa Hospital During 'Dark Hours of 2-6 AM'

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A rural Patna wedding in June literally turned into a funeral as the groom died two days after his wedding. Over 100 people, including those who attended the wedding and those who handled his body without knowing the reason for his death, tested positive. Also Read - Centre, Bharat Biotech Willing to Invite Other Companies to Scale-up Covaxin Production Amid Shortage

The incident took place in Paliganj sub-division of Patna. The groom was a software engineer based in Gurugram and had returned home for his marriage in the last week of May. A few days after the ‘tilak’ ceremony, he started showing symptoms of the disease.

On June 15, the date of the wedding, he was running a high fever and wanted the ceremony to be deferred, but relented upon the insistence of family members who made him swallow paracetamol tablets and go through the rituals.

On June 17, his condition deteriorated significantly and family members made a dash to AIIMS, Patna, but he died on the way.

73 tested positive in Kerala

In Chekkiad panchayat in Kozhikode, more than 30 people who had participated in the wedding of a doctor on July 9 tested positive later. The groom was among those who had tested positive.

In Wayanad’s Thavinhal panchayat, eight members of a family, who had participated in a funeral, were found positive for the virus on July 19.

Following this, authorities tested 210 other people who came in contact with them and totally 43 were found infected.