New Delhi: Howdy, Modi!‘ the mega event in Houston, where Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Trump addressed over 50,000 Indian American audience, witnessed an unusual gesture by the Indian Prime Minister. Also Read - 'Howdy Modi': ‘Here to Express Gratitude to 4 Million Indian-Americans’, Says Donald Trump

Notably, PM Modi recorded a special ‘apology’ video for  John Cornyn’s wife, as the Texas  Senator was busy attending the ”Howdy Modi” event on her (wife) birthday. Also Read - 'Howdy Modi': Ahead of Mega Event, Trump-PM Exchange Pleasantries on Twitter

“I would like to say sorry because today is your birthday and your great life partner is with me. So naturally you must be jealous today. But I wish you all the best , wish you a happy life and very prosperous, peaceful future for you. All the best!,” PM Modi said in the video message to Cornyn’s wife.

Responding to PM Modi’s message, Cornyn tweeted: “Thanks to Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India for coming to Houston along with President Donald Trump…”

Besides, PM Modi also invited US President Donald Trump to visit India with his family. “We want you to come to India with your family, and give us the privilege of welcoming you. Our friendship, and the Indian-American shared dream…we will give it a new future,” Modi said.

He also thanked Trump for attending the ‘Howdy, Modi!’ event, and Houston for the welcome.”Thank you Houston, thank you America, may god bless you all,” the Prime Minister stated.