New Delhi, Apr 26:  The government is planning to hold a major conference on school education next month where various issues, including latest technology solutions like child tracking system, would be discussed with states’ education ministers. “The ministry is planning to hold a major conference on school education in mid-May, where various issues would be discussed with education ministers of states. Latest technology solutions would also be showcased,” a senior functionary in the HRD ministry said here today. Last week, HRD minister Smriti Irani had tweeted about some of the initiatives that her ministry is working on. Also Read: Sanskrit in IITs: Smriti Irani mocked by Manish Sisodia and others Also Read - CBSE & ICSE Board Exams 2021: Top 7 Things to do For Preparation |Watch Video

“Introducing a child tracking system for over 200 million children all across the country to track movement class to class, identify drop outs,” Irani tweeted on Saturday about the initiatives taken by her ministry in the field of school education. Irani had also announced that her ministry is developing an expenditure portal that centralises various sources of school education data in India. She also mentioned a first of its kind portal for Teacher Education Institutions which will ensure transparency and grading. Also Read - CBSE Board Exam 2021: Tips to Cope Up With Stress For Children And Parents | Watch Video

The HRD minister had said her ministry is supporting states to help build composite schools by rationalising stand alone schools with low enrollment and one teacher. “Smaller schools are either mentored by larger schools in same geographical area or are merged in the interest of students,” she had tweeted. She also announced that the National Assessment Survey (NAS) which was done once in three years by NCERT, will now be conducted annually. NAS, henceforth, will be competency based, she had said, adding that states are to do assessment in all schools from classes 1 to 8. Also Read - Telangana Schools to Reopen for Classes 6 and 8 After Nearly 11 Months