New Delhi: Commuters, if you are driving your vehicles without a high-security registration plate (HSRP) and colour-coded fuel stickers, stay alert, otherwise you will be fined in the National capital from Tuesday. Also Read - Cold Day in Capital: Delhi Records Lowest Maximum Temperature This Month at 15 Degrees Celsius

Issuing a notice, the Delhi transport department had earlier asked people living in the national capital to get their high-security registration plates and colour-coded stickers affixed on their vehicles “without any delay” and had said those vehicle owners found without these would be liable to face prosecution under the motor vehicle (MV) act. Also Read - 'Pakistan Zindabad' Slogans Raised Near Delhi's Khan Market; 5 Taken Into Custody

As per updates, people in Delhi will be fined Rs 10,000, which is compoundable to Rs 5,500 under the amended MV Act. Also Read - Domestic Flight Services Between Sikkim And Delhi Start After 1.5 Years | Details Here

On the other hand, the vehicles which have already applied for HSRP and colour-coded stickers will not be fined if they present the slip that they have applied for. As of now, vehicles registered with other states are also not included in this.

As per updates from the transport department officials, there are at least 40 lakh vehicles, both cars, and two-wheelers, without HSRP.

What is HSRP?

The transport department said that HSRP is a chromium-based hologram. This hologram is a sticker with the vehicle’s engine and VIN, also known as the chassis number on it. This number is written through a pressure machine with paint and no sticker. There will be a kind of pin on the plate that will attach to your vehicle.

Once this pin catches the plate from your vehicle, it will lock on both sides, it will not open by anyone. The biggest advantage of the high-security number plate is that along with crimes, car thieves can also be controlled.

What are colour-coded stickers?

According to updates, the colour-coded sticker is applied for fuel type. That is, your car runs on petrol or diesel, colour coding is done on this basis. A light blue color sticker is applied for petrol and CNG. For diesel, orange colour sticker is applied. Officials stated that the registration number, registration authority, laser branded PIN, engine, and vehicle’s chassis number will be on this colour-coded stickers.

As per the new rule, the Transport Department has made it mandatory for all commuters to get HSRP and colour stickers on vehicles on the orders of the apex court.