New Delhi: Sindhi, Baloch and Pashto activist groups have gathered in Houston to protest in front of the NRG Stadium on Sunday against Pakistan when Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Donald Trump arrive at the venue.

According to reports, several members of the Balochi American, Sindhi American and Pashto American communities landed in Houston on Saturday from various parts of the US to hold the first-of-its-kind demonstration in America, where they will collectively urge the leaders of India and the United States to help them get freedom from Pakistan.

At a time when the tempers are on the rise between India and Pakistan over the partial revocation of Article 370, and Trump has offered to mediate between the two neighbouring countries, the demonstration may assume significance.


“This is a historic rally by the leaders of the free world — the largest and oldest democracies. We, the people of Sindh, want freedom from Pakistan. Just like India supported for the freedom of Bangladesh in 1971, we want a separate nation for the people of Sindh. Pakistan is a theocratic country,” Zafar Sahito, from the Jeay Sindh Mutahida Muhaz, said.

The issue of human rights violation in Sindh and Balochistan by Pakistan and its army was raised in the 42nd session of the United Nations Human Rights Council.

Col (Retd) Wajahat Hasan Mirza, Chairman of Gilgit Baltistan Thinkers Forum, told the session that Gilgit Baltistan is historically a part of India and the abrogation of Article 370 and 35(A) has been done as per the country’s Constitution.

According to the activists, the Islamic radicalisation in Balochistan is being used by the Pakistani authorities as a tool to counter the Baloch national struggle for the right to self-determination.

Pakistani agencies continue to silence Sindhi political and human rights activists. Since February 2017, more than 300 disappearances have occurred, including young activists such as Aaqib Chandio, Shabir Kalhoro, Basit Kalhoro, Ayoob Kandhro, Kashif Tagar, Shahid Junejo, Insaf Dayo and others, said a report.