New Delhi: Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) Chief Swati Maliwal, on Tuesday, said that the Delhi Police is not allowing her to sit on an indefinite strike at Jantar Mantar as they (the police) have orders from above to be followed. Calling the matter unfortunate, she said that she was not a criminal, failing to completely understand why the Delhi Police was not cooperating.

Notably, she is protesting against Hyderabad gangrape and murder case that sent shockwaves across the nation a few days ago. In the gruesome incident, 26-year-old Priyanka Reddy was gangraped and later set ablaze by the perpetrators. Since then, a chain of such incidents has come to light, shaking the nation’s conscience.

“The police is saying that they have orders from above that they should not let us sit on hunger strike. I am not a criminal, it is unfortunate that Delhi Police is not cooperating,” Swati Maliwal said in a tweet today.

In another tweet, she added, “Do women not have the right to even sit on a protest in this country? What is this fear that the central government has? Do we really have a democracy?”

Determined on her demand that rapists in the Hyderabad case be punished within six months, Maliwal said that she would continue her fast-unto-death no matter what, and till the time her appeal is met.

“No matter what happens, no matter how much the police and the Center tries, my fast-unto-death will continue. I will not get up until the Center creates such a system for the entire country that the rapist is hanged in every 6 months. I am going to Rajghat first and then directly to Jantar Mantar. Jai Hind,” Maliwal asserted.

Further, she also wrote to Prime Minister Narendra Modi keeping forth the aforementioned demand. Stressing that implementation of laws is important, she demanded that police resources be increased and their accountability fixed.