New Delhi, April 8: A 11-year-old Madhu of Hyderabad, who is now a happy survivor, never knew that running away from home will be her worst decision in life. She just wanted to go far from her alcoholic parents and live a normal life.

Narrating her story, Madhu said that after running away from home she reached the railway station. She was sitting on the bench when suddenly a woman approached me. The woman, who was of my mother’s age, showed me love and concern. I told her my situation. After listening to my ordeal she took me to her place. I never imagined that even stranger can be so good. She got me admitted to a government school and was living an ideal happy life.

According to Times of India, Madhu said that one day aunty asked her to get ready. She took her to a hotel room where an uncle was already present in the room. Aunty left me in that room and never came back. The uncle assaulted me and later sent me to a brothel.

Remembering her days, Madhu said in the brothel they used to beat me, torture me. I use to cry every time and wanted to die. One day god heard my prayers and I was rescued by the police. Police sent me to the safe place. In the safe house, I was given treatment and counseling which helped me a lot in coming out of those trauma days.

Young girls are either seen that they are forced into prostitution. A tough legislation or law and more surprise raids are needed to ensure that young girls or minors are not exploited indiscriminately.