Hyderabad, Feb 12: A stray dog in Hyderabad was seen taking away a three-day old infant in its mouth. The ghastly sight of the gruesome incident was witnessed by ambulance drivers of Gandhi Hospital in Hyderabad. As per Deccan Chronicle, the stray dog carried the three-day-old girl child in its mouth near the mortuary of the hospital at 10 am on Saturday. It was also reported that the ambulance drivers threw stones at the dog so that the it would drop the infant’s body. They immediately informed the police about the gory incident.Also Read - Flying From 'At-Risk' Nations to Hyderabad? Check Out THESE Special Arrangements

Chilkalguda police station Inspector,  K Srinivaslu informed that the infant’s body has been sent for post-mortem. “We are checking CCTV footage in the area and are trying to find out if a baby was abandoned in the nearby area”, he said. As per DC reports, the infant had teeth marks near the neck region. It also had no clothes on the body. As per Police, the baby was abandoned in the night when the dog must have found it lying near the hospital area in the morning. (ALSO READ: Hyderabad: 12-year old minor raped in an old age home in Nagole) Also Read - Meet Gattipally Shivpal, Who Has Become India's First Dwarf to Get a Driving License | Watch

Similar incident happened in September last year, where stray dogs killed a 2-day-old baby girl and ate parts of her body. This incident took place outside Vikarabad bus stop in Kerala. As soon as the incident happened, locals present in the area rushed to the spot after they heard the baby’s cries. To their surprise, they found many stray dogs were attacking and biting her. They tried to shoo away the dogs but to no avail. The baby, however did not survive the attack. Also Read - Omicron Threat: 13 International Travellers Test Covid Positive in Hyderabad