New Delhi: In yet another racial attack in national capital, a Meghalaya woman was asked to leave Delhi Golf Club for wearing traditional Khasi attire. The elderly woman named as Tailin Lyngdoh said,”We were invited for lunch at the Delhi Golf Club. We were all seated and the lunch was almost to be served. Suddenly the Club official came to me and asked me to leave the place. Maids are not allowed. They even said that I look like a dustbin.” Also Read - Weather Update: Heavy Rains Expected in Northeastern States, Orange Alert Issued Till Tomorrow

Narrating the humiliating incident, Lyngdoh who hails from Meghalaya’s Langtor village in Mairaing Civil Sub-Division said that she has visited numerous eateries and clubs in London, Abu Dhabi and Dubai. But no one had ever asked her to leave before yesterday. Also Read - Earthquake of Magnitude 3.2 Hits Shillong in Meghalaya: NCS

“I felt ashamed and angry. I was wearing the traditional Khasi dress — Jainsem — and they told me this dress was not allowed.  They were very rude,”Indian express quoted Lyngdoh who works as a governess. As per the reports,  a member  at the Delhi Golf Club had invited Lyngdoh’s employer Nivedita Barthakur, Health Advisor in Assam Govt on Delhi Golf Club. Also Read - No Holi Celebration, Gathering in Public Places This Year: Meghalaya Govt Issues Guidelines

Taking to Facebook, Nivedita Barthakur vented out her anger and wrote,”An example of North Indian bigotry, chauvinism and ignorance: many of us have been slighted in the capital of India for being from NE part of the country and have lived to tell our tales! Today Tailin Lyngdoh, an extremely proud, Khasi lady who has travelled the world in her Jenseim from London to UAE was thrown out of the Delhi Golf Club because her dress was taken for a maid’s uniform! Despite she being invited in her own right as a guest of a member. She was humiliated and the two gatekeepers of haute culture of Delhi, one Ms Sumita Thakur and Mr Ajit Pal, didnot even have the grace to apologise.”

“The room was full of Delhi elites who make their maid’s and nannies wait outside in the heat lest they pollute their surroundings , and I bet many of them were civil servants and keepers of the Indian constitution. It was so appalling at many levels: that a citizen of India is judged on her dress and treated as a pariah; that in this day and age human rights of so many citizens can be trampled on just because he /she earns an honest living as a help. And that mainland India still has to be educated on their countrymen seven decades after freedom. And what is this hangover that we are whiter than whites and frown upon Indian wear in these hallowed bastions! Would anyone even listen and take action?,” Barthakur added.

Delhi Golf Club later issued a statement which reads,”Explanation from the staff was sought and disciplinary action is in process. Apology has been made to the member who had brought the guest. This has been unconditionally accepted. Incident could have been handled in a better way by staff, the guests were not asked to leave.”

Earlier on Monday, 15-20 minutes into the lunch two Club officials asked Lyngdoh to leave the table and the Club saying the dress (Jainsem) she was wearing was a “maid’s uniform” and also allegedly hurled racial abuse at her.

However, the Club President, Siddharth Shriram told news agency IANS that he had no knowledge of the incident and had received no complaint.