New Delhi: The Class 10 girl student, who was found dead in the school toilet in Kolkata on Friday with her wrist slashed and a plastic bag over her head, is believed to have been under tremendous pressure. Also Read - Two Coaches of Gorakhpur-Kolkata Durga Puja Special Train Derail in Bihar

A ‘suicide’ note has been recovered from the school bathroom where she was found lying in a pool of blood. The note’s contents point a finger at the troubled mental health of the teenager. Also Read - Durga Puja 2020 Kolkata News: 50 Big Pandals That Have Gone Online to Avoid Huge Lines

According to the post mortem, the girl died of injuries on her wrist that led to asphyxiation. Also Read - Mamata Unveils 'London-like' Open Roof Double Decker Buses in Kolkata Ahead of Durga Puja

Her suicide note reads that she should be held responsible for her extreme step and be given a ‘nice funeral’. She mentioned, “mom and dad better keep your nose out of stuff. You don’t get it. I know you have done a lot for me. Okay, yeah, a lot. But you know, not everyone pays back”.

Police meanwhile are still investigating if this is a case of suicide.

The note further read, “If me committing suicide is too far fetched for you to grasp just convince yourself that I was murdered, for who said I wasn’t?”

It also read how she had been struggling to fall asleep for as long as the past three months. Her angst was made clear further when she explained how her anxiety was looked over and passed off as teenage pangs, “It’s sad I needed help and they only said I was doing everything for attention and I did not have the guts to kill myself and here you go.”

The girl was reportedly under tremendous pressure since she was preparing to get through the Indian Statistical Institute – Kolkata.

The student, a class topper, went missing at around 1:30 pm from her class on Friday and it was after almost 45 minutes later (around 2:30 pm), that a search was launched for her and she was then found lying unconscious in the bathroom.

“We are deeply shocked. She was a topper and a very bright student. We saw her in the morning, she seemed fine. We do not know how this happened as our school is alert at all times. A help (maasi) is always there inside the toilet, wonder why she didn’t notice when she kept herself locked inside for so long,” said her classmate while speaking to the media.