New Delhi: The Indian Air Force (IAF) on Sunday showered praise on Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman by sharing a poem of Bipin Allahabadi which says not everybody could do what he did. Notably, the IAF’s remarks came days after Varthaman-piloted MiG-21 shot down Pakistan‘s F-16 fighter aircraft  during aerial combat which took place after the ghastly Pulwama attack.

Sabke bas ki baat nahi jo kia tumne Abhinandan, woh sabke ke bas ki baat nahi, Aakhetak ko kia aakhet, yeh sabke bas ki baat nhi,” the poem in Hindi reads. Furthermore, the IAF said that entire country is proud of Abhinandan and his valour. “Janani, janambhoomi ka gaurav ho tum, sarvochh shikhar par tumhe bithate hai. Jo tum kar paaye ek jeevan me, woh sabke bas ki baat nahi,” it read.

Earlier on Saturday, the Ministry of External Affairs had confirmed that Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman, shot down a Pakistan Air Force F-16 fighter aircraft and there are eyewitness accounts as well as electronic evidence for that. Raveesh Kumar, Ministry of External Affairs Spokesperson at a media briefing, said evidence on the use of F-16 fighter jets by Pakistan is there in the form of parts of AMRAAM missile recovered from the site, which is carried only by F-16 aircraft of the Pakistan Air Force.


The MEA had also rubbished Pakistan’s claims that it downed two Indian jets saying,”Only one aircraft was lost by us. If, as Pakistan claims, they have a video recording of the downing of a second Indian aircraft, why have they not shown it to the international media even after more than one week? Questions should be asked to them as to where the fuselage of the aircraft is and what has happened to the pilots? As we have already said, there are eyewitness accounts and electronic evidence that Pakistan deployed F-16 aircraft and that one F-16 was shot down by Wing Commander Abhinandan.”

He said Pakistan should explain why it continues to deny that its F-16 aircraft has been shot down. Official sources had earlier said Varthaman downed a F-16 fighter jet of Pakistan Air Force by firing an R-73 air-to-air missile before his MiG-21 Bison was hit during a fierce dogfight.