New Delhi: US President Donald Trump, who on Sunday said that he had spoken to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and requested him to release India’s hold on a US order for hydroxychloroquine, on Monday warned of a possible ‘retaliation’ if the order was not released. Also Read - As Modi, Trump Spoke on Coronavirus, Yoga And Ayurveda Were on Focus

Notably, hyrodxychloroquine, which is an anti-malaria drug, has been suggested by many, including Trump himself, as a possible treatment for coronavirus. Doctors, however, have warned that it should be not be taken unless prescribed by a doctor. Also Read - Requested PM Modi to Release US Order of Hydroxychloroquine Stockpile, Says Trump

Addressing his daily coronavirus taskforce briefing at the White House, Trump said, “I spoke to PM Modi Sunday morning and I said we appreciate it that you are allowing our supply of hydroxychloroquine to come out, if he doesn’t allow it to come out, that would be okay” Also Read - 'Agreed to Deploy Full Strength of India-US Partnership to Fight COVID-19,' PM Modi Dials Trump

“But of course, there may be retaliation, why wouldn’t there be?,” he added.

Earlier, on Sunday, the US President had said that India is giving serious consideration to releasing the hold it put on a US order for hydroxychloroquine, also saying that he too might take a tablet if given a go ahead by his doctors.

The US currently has the highest number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the world. Its current tally stands at 3,67,004, including 10,871 cases. India, on the other hand, has 4,281 COVID-19 positive cases, including 111 fatalities.