New Delhi: The BJP at the Centre is not targeting regional parties, neither wants decimation of those parties, the information and broadcasting minister, Prakash Javadekar, said on being asked whether the country is heading towards a one-party political system. In an interaction with news agency PTI, the minister said that if regional parties are not growing, it depends on those parties. The BJP is not crushing them. They have every right to grow, the minister said.

“Why would we do so….It depends on others, not me. We are growing on our own strengths. We are getting more and more support from people. We are reaching out to every house and we are doing so continuously. Then what is the issue?” the minister said at a time when a number of leaders are switching their boats ahead of Maharashtra and Haryana Assembly elections.

“I am not finishing any party. It is for the party to keep standing. It is not my job to make other parties stand in the field,” he said, asking, “Do you expect that the BJP should run all parties?”

“When inspiration finishes, that is why people are coming to the BJP and joining. It is not for any other reason,” he added

Apart from slamming the opposition for turning bankrupt on issue-based politics, the minister said that there is no witch-hunt going on. The court decides on these issues, based on the merit of the cases, the minister said.

Commenting on the Centre’s Article 370 move, he said that the revocation has made people happy.

“Article 370 happened and people are discussing it. See for 70 years people were waiting for that moment that 370 gets abrogated and that stands abrogated in one day with exact 370 words, with 370 MPs voting for doing away with Article 370. It has caught the imagination of people. The people from all sections of society are welcoming it,” he said.

(With agency inputs)