New Delhi: Among all the fierce speakers the Raya Sabha sees today in the ongoing debate over the Citizenship Amendment Bill 2019, Congress MP Anand Sharma will remain remarkable for his rhetoric. “We believe in rebirth in our religion and that we meet our elders. So if Sardar Patel meets Modiji, then he will be very angry with him. Gandhiji will, of course, be sad, but Patel will be indeed very angry,” the Congress leader quipped.


“The reason we oppose this Bill is not political. It’s ideological as the Bill is an assault on the foundation of the constitution,” Sharma said.

“The citizenship act has seen amendments since 1955 but the fundamentals of this act has never been tampered with…You say we should rise above politics…but I request you to not politicize this matter,” he said. Saying that the two-nation theory was never brought by Jinnah, Sharma said that it was introduced by Hindu Mahasabha in Gujarat in 1937.

“Whenever there have been amendments, religion has never been made a basis… Article 14 ensures equality before law… The bill of yours fails the constitutionality test,” he said.

“Why is there insecurity in Assam? Why are the people protesting? The Home Minister should take a delegation to the detention centre and see the condition. There are reports that detention centres will be set up in NRC when it will be implemented on a nationwide scale…this reminds us of the concentration camps from the previous century,” he added.

The reference to Sardar Patel is poignant as the BJP has been often accused of appropriating the legacy of the leader.