New Delhi: BJP MP Virendra Singh Mast on Thursday lambasted at people who claimed that the automobile sector in the country has slowed down. “To defame the nation and government people are saying that the automobile sector has slowed down. If there is a decline in automobile sales then why are there traffic jams on the roads?,” asked Virendra Singh while speaking at a parliamentary meeting in Lok Sabha.

Joining the conversation around the rise in onion price, the BJP member offered to sell onions to the opposition members at a rate of Rs 25 per kilogram from his constituency in Uttar Pradesh.

The BJP Kisan porcha President further said that onions are produced in huge quantities in Uttar Pradesh besides Maharashtra and Gujarat. After responding to Congress leader K Suresh on the issue of rising onion prices and the decline in its production in India, Virendra Singh claimed that superior quality onions are produced in Muhammadabad town in his constituency in Uttar Pradesh.

Singh also discussed India’s rural economy and said that the GDP of a country cannot be a parameter to analyse the growth in the rural economy and urged the government that its policies should be centred around villages. He also demanded a pension scheme for farmers above the age of 60 years.

(With agency inputs)