New Delhi: Top educational institutions like IITs, ISER would mentor 10-15 nearby schools and train teachers in innovative ways to teach maths and science, said a report on Friday. (Catch LIVE Update of Vibrant Gujarat Here) Also Read - CBSE Board Class 10 Exam 2021: Download Maths Sample Paper Online | Check Deleted Topics From Syllabus Here

Speaking at a seminar on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) as part of the 9th Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit, Union HRD Minister Prakash Javadekar said there was a need to create curiosity among primary school children to lead towards innovation. He said the teaching pedagogy for primary teachers needed to be changed. Also Read - Can Money Buy You Happiness? This New Scientific Study Says 'Yes, It Actually Does'

While acknowledging that some teachers have introduced innovative methods of teaching math and science, Javadekar said, “Once a child lags behind in math and science, the gap increases. Hence it becomes important to focus on how to teach these subjects, using interactive ways. And for the same, big equipment is not needed, only big ideas are needed. Some teachers find out innovative ways to teach, we need to bring them together to share their practices.” Also Read - Earth Rotation Day 2021: Why Do We Celebrate This Day On January 8, History and Interesting Facts

“We have also decided to seek help from IIT’s, ISER or top universities to mentor 10-15 nearby schools and train the teachers in innovative ways of teaching these subjects. At the roundtable, we had experts from all over to discuss on the same,” he said.

Adding that STEM would gain importance in the coming years, Javadekar said, “Any country’s success depends on innovation and new discoveries. We have also decided to incubate start-ups from hostel rooms. We have already built 2000 Atal Tinkering Labs and caters to class 6 to class 12 children where they use robotics, artificial intelligence and 3D printing to bring solutions.”

The exhibition has been produced by American Museum of Natural History, New York in collaboration with MadaTech: The Israel National Museum of Science, Technology, & Space, Haifa, Israel. It is divided into sections, including Solar System Theatre, Returning to the Moon, Exploring Asteroids, Voyaging to Mars, Reaching the Outer Solar System and Beyond Our Solar System.

The event will also have a display of new age and future technologies like Microsoft Halo lens, IBM Watson, Google Li-fi, Amazon Alexa, lifesaving U-Safe that can drive itself around in the water by remote control to save any life, Smart Home Automation, Mixed Reality/Augmented Reality, Inventor Robotics– Mitra, Holographic Technology, Companion robot, indigenous space suit and supercomputers.