New Delhi: Pune Airport became the first airport in the country under the Airport Authority of India to start the trial run of the New Body Scanner Security System. The trial run will continue for three months. The installation of the body scanner has been done on Monday and all security officials and technical team members are being trained on how to operate the machines.

Provided by Delhi-based Rohde and Schwarz India Pvt Ltd, the machines were supposed to be installed in November, but it was done well before the deadline. These machines automatically will detect potential prohibited items concealed under clothing or on the body. This device can be used to scan an individual’s body for security, screening purposes, without making any physical contact. The technology also helps to see an alternate wavelength image of a person’s body to detect any suspicious items.

According to Pune Airport Authority, the Airports Authority of India (AAI) is planning to have around 200 body scanners across India and this will further strengthen the security setup as well as curtail time of security screening.

In August this year, the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS) had said that the body scanners will be made mandatory at all major airports within a year. It also had said that the body scanners will be made mandatory at all the other airports in two years.

(With inputs from agencies)