New Delhi: A total of 5.5 lakh tickets have been sold by the Indian Railways’ Western Railway zone through the unreserved ticketing system (UTS) mobile app in a day, thus creating its biggest track record, reported livemint.

“5.5 lakh passengers booked their tickets through UTS App which accounts to 11.03% of the total suburban passengers travelled on that day on its suburban section which is 50,28,043 passengers,” the Western Railway said in a statement issued on February 3.

The average active users on the app increased to 3.39 lakh per day in January 2020, as opposed to 1.24 lakh per day in November 2018.

In a big step towards digitization, the Western Railway had introduced this app to ensure that passengers can buy tickets saving themselves from the ordeal of waiting in the long queues. The Railway had also carried out rigorous campaigns to spread the awareness about the app.