New Delhi, Oct 5: The number of unsafe abortions in India is drastically high even after the procedure being legal for last 46 years. As per a study, a total of 60 per cent abortions in India are unsafe, a study has claimed. The reason behind this alarming number is being speculated to be the lack of access to hospital facilities, awareness and stigma around abortion.Also Read - SL vs IND 2021: Second T20I Postponed After Krunal Pandya Tests Positive For Covid-19

As per a study conducted by WHO along with Guttmacher Institute and published in the international medical journal Lancet, in India, the high percent of unsafe abortions reflect a huge disparity when compared with other countries where abortion is legal. Also Read - International Flights: After Emirates, Now Etihad Airways Suspends Flight Services From India to UAE Till July 31

Unsafe abortions in India can likely be reduced if government increases the number of trained healthcare workers, Ayush doctors and midwives. Also Read - Breaking News Updates: Afghanistan President Expresses Grief Over Death of Reuters Journalist Danish Siddiqui

“The government needs to urgently take forward the proposed amendments to the MTP Act otherwise, safe abortion will never be a reality for women in rural remote areas of the country,” Vinod Manning, executive director of Ipas Development Foundation said.

The study says that between 2010 and 2014, a total of 55.7 million abortions occurred worldwide each year. Of this, 30.6 million were estimated safe whereas 17.1 million were less safe and eight million were least safe. This concludes that 25.1 million abortions each year were unsafe between 2010 and 2014. Out of these, 24.3 million were reported from developing countries.

Sushila Singh of Guttmacher Institute says that the average unsafe abortions in the south central Asia region was as high as 58 per cent. The region includes countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal and India.

“Though the situation in India has improved in the last few years, the percentage of unsafe abortions continues to be very high in India,” she was quoted as saying by a report.