New Delhi: As Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a 21-day lockdown all over the country in an attempt to combat the spread of the novel coronavirus, the news created ripples in the international media. The lockdown was expected as this is what most countries are opting for. But given India’s population, the move has created knee-jerk reactions, speculations on international media platforms. Also Read - Pakistan Suspends Six Civil Servants For Taking Selfie With Coronavirus-Infected Colleague

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Emphasising on the short span of four hours given to Indians before the lockdown, the article said, “The breadth and depth of such a challenge is staggering in a country where hundreds of millions of citizens are destitute and countless millions live in packed urban areas with poor sanitation and weak public health care.”

“Though India’s number of reported coronavirus infections remains relatively low — around 500 — the fear is that, should the virus hit as it has in the United States, Europe or China, the consequences would lead to a disaster far bigger than anywhere else,” it said.


In an article titled, ‘Coronavirus: India enters ‘total lockdown’ after spike in cases’, BBC has written, “The implications of a total lockdown in India are huge, not just economically, but socially.” Why? It has explained. “This is a nation where community is everything. Going to worship at a temple, mosque or church is an essential part of daily life for so many. This is a seismic cultural shift but – like the rest of the world facing similar restrictions – a necessary one,” it wrote.

Al Jazeera

“There are fears in India about the virus spreading into impoverished communities and the ability of resource-starved public health sectors to cope,” an Al Jazeera article said.


“India is the world’s second-most populous country and the fifth-biggest economy, but so far, it has appeared to avoid the full hit of the pandemic. The country has confirmed 519 coronavirus cases, including 10 deaths and 39 patients who have been cured, according to the Ministry of Health,” CNN wrote.