Woman power was on ultimate display at the United Nations General Assembly as India took on Pakistan one meeting at a time in New York. From External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj to India’s First Secretary to the UN Eenam Gambhir and Secretary to India’s permanent mission to the UN Paulomi Tripathi, the Indian woman brigade crushed and exposed Pakistan for all its blatant lies. There was no holding back when it came to calling Pakistan ‘terroristan’ or calling out against the neighbouring country for betraying India.

On Sunday, Pakistani diplomat Maleeha Lodhi tried to pass off a Palestinian woman as a victim of pellet gunfire in Kashmir. In a terse reply to her, Paulomi Tripathi, on Monday waved a photo of a martyred Kashmiri Indian Army officer to put a point of cross-border terrorism perpetrated by Pakistan at the international forum. “The Permanent Representative of Pakistan misled this Assembly by displaying this picture to spread falsehoods about India. A fake picture to push a completely false narrative,” Tripathy said.

She held up together two photographs – one showing the army officer and the other of Palestinian woman whom Lodhi had described as a Kashmiri. The army officer shown in the picture was Lieutenant Umar Faiyaz who was abducted and killed by terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir’s Shopian district.

When Pakistan cried victim, India’s First Secretary to the UN, Eenam Gambhir, with all her grit, gave it back to the neighbouring nation, calling it terroristan. “Pakistan is now ‘Terroristan’, with a flourishing industry producing and exporting global terror,” Gambhir said. She also said that it is extraordinary that the country which protected Osama Bin Laden and sheltered Mullah Omar should have the gumption to play the victim.

Sushma Swaraj tore apart Pakistan with her address at UNGA on Saturday, when she said, “I want to ask Pakistan: We both became independent together. But why is it that we gave birth to IITs, IIMs, AIIMs and other institutes. Whereas, you produced Lashkar-e-Taiba, Jaish-e-Muhammad, Haqqani Network and other terrorists.”

Putting India’s grit to fight terror at the forefront, India’s woman army is leaving no stone unturned in crushing Pakistan for providing safe havens to terrorists.