New Delhi: Every other day, some videos went viral, some hashtags trended. It’s not quite possible to keep a tab on all of them. But now standing on the threshold of 2019, as we look back, here are the top 5 news items that made us laugh, cry, question and wonder.

Pollution Mask for Gods: Why Not?

At the famous Shiv-Parvati temple in downtown Sigra in Varanasi, the faces of Lord Shiva, Goddess Durga, Goddess Kali and Sai Baba have been covered with masks. “Varanasi is a place of belief. We treat our idols as living deities and take pains to make them happy and comfortable. In summer, the idols are slathered with sandalwood paste to keep them cool and in winter, we cover them in woollens. Likewise, to save them from pollution, we have put masks on their faces,” Harish Mishra, a priest at the temple told IANS.

Police Arrest Ghosts: Prank Gone Wrong

They are Youtubers, but they found themselves behind the bar as Yeshwantpur police in Bengaluru arrested a group of seven YouTubers as they were ghost-pranking commuters in the dead of night for their videos. “It’s not acceptable to ghost-prank. Who is responsible if something goes wrong, or someone meets with an accident or has a cardiac arrest,” police said.

Your Car is Your Most Precious? Think Again

The new Motor Vehicles Act imposed rigorous penalties for breaking traffic laws. So rigourous that you may think twice about your car. And so came the news reports from various part of the country: A resident of south Delhi area set his motorcycle on fire in Chirag Delhi. He was charged with a fine of Rs 16,000 for drunk driving.

Onions Everywhere

Onions this year gave reasons to shed tears. But at the same time, it gave us reasons to laugh out loud, especially when people in the wedding season started gifting onions. Several weird protests took place where politicians wore onion garlands, onion distributers wore helmets to save themselves from onion-hungry people etc.

Odd Weddings

A story on oddities won’t be complete without fun wedding stories and 2019 had no dearth of it. A groom in UP was kicked out of his own wedding and the ‘baraat’ was sent back after the groom abused some women from the bride’s side for stealing the shoe, which is a wedding ritual. In more shocking news, a 35-year-old man remarried his wife and then also tied the knot with her cousin at the same wedding ceremony in a village in Madhya Pradesh’s Bhind district.

There’s no end to our quirks.