New Delhi: After maintaining months on the second position on the global hierarchy of coronavirus cases, India on Wednesday stated that it has one of the lowest cases and deaths per million population.Also Read - Jammu And Kashmir Imposes Complete Restriction On Non-Essential Movements During Weekends | Check Guidelines Here

”While the global figure for cases/million is 5,552, India is recording 5,790. USA, Brazil, France, UK, Russia, and South Africa are reporting much higher numbers” the government released data. Also Read - Omicron Symptoms List: These Are The 2 Most Reported Symptoms in Omicron Patients

“The deaths per million populations in India are 87, substantially lower than the world average of 148,” it added. Also Read - Bihar Extend Covid Restrictions Till This Date | Check Important Guidelines Here

The government noted that with the help of targeted strategies in COVID-19 management as well as the proactive and calibrated public health response, the country has witnessed “encouraging outcomes”.

“In the matter of total tests conducted, India is one of the topmost countries. With 10,66,786 tests in the last 24 hours, the cumulative number of tests conducted has crossed 10.5 crore,” the government data read.

“Widespread and comprehensive testing on a sustained basis have aided the early identification and timely effective treatment which has resulted in higher recoveries and lower fatality rate. India’s Case Fatality Rate presently is 1.50 per cent.

India continues to report a trend of steadily decreasing active cases. Presently the active cases comprise merely 7.64 per cent of the total positive cases of the country that stands at 6,10,803,” it added.

Currently, the United States is the worst hit country in the world due to coronavirus, followed by India which is about one million short of infections. Brazil, Russia and France follow after.