New Delhi, Dec 1: Former President of the United States of America Barack Obama who was in the city on Friday said information and technology alone cannot bring in development. Obama was addressing a town hall event in Delhi for the Obama Foundation, when he emphasised the importance of knowledge and how it can facilitate development along with information and technology.

In the event, where he interacted with an estimated 280 young leaders from across India, Obama highlighted the role information and technology plays on any nation’s development. He also then touched upon the negative aspects related to information and technology. It was then that he said application of knowledge is what makes the difference.

“Just information and technology is not the key. Application of that knowledge is what makes the difference. The dangers of technology is that it isolates people,” Obama said.

Talking about the ‘traps’ and ways to avoid it, Obama said people must understand how to use technology for good. According to him, the leverage that technology has is its vast  and quick reach, which is easily accessible.

“We have to understand how we can best use it for good, but also avoid some of the traps of technology. When it comes to training young people, the obvious advantage of technology is you can just leverage and reach more people very quickly,” he said.

He credited social media and technology for his success in 2008. He said the only reason he succeeded and the biggest advantage he had was that he had ‘enthusiastic volunteers and supporters’ across all the countries.

“It would have been impossible for us to directly coordinate with all of them without building a huge bureaucracy and infrastructure, the fact that we have had social media available fairly early.” he said.

Emphasising on the contribution each citizen makes to the making of a better India, he said in his closing remarks that a person can be anything from a journalist to an activist, but if each of the people are finding ways in whichever magnitude of courage, then India will be better along with the world.