New Delhi: India may touch its peak in the number of coronavirus cases in the first week of May, an internal government report stated, after which it is likely to decline gradually. Also Read - Why PM Modi’s Covid Warning Should Be Taken Seriously During Upcoming Festivals

A report of the Union Ministry of Home Affairs, gathered by NDTV, pointed out that states like Rajasthan, Punjab and Bihar implemented stringent lockdown measures at an early stage that helped them avoid sharp rise in COVID-19 cases as compared to Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, or Gujarat. Also Read - Recovered COVID-19 Patients Can Get The Infection Again Once Antibodies Start Depleting: ICMR

These states, the report said, will see an overall fall in numbers much before others where there more number of COVID-19 cases. Also Read - Give Concrete Solutions, Not Plain Speeches: Congress Slams PM Modi Over His Address to Nation

However, till the peak arrives, the number of infections is going to rise rapidly. “The numbers will increase as we will test more and also as the number of people who are being isolated with symptoms is also increasing every day,” a senior bureaucrat told NDTV.

Moreover, it is crucial for the country to strictly follow the government norms such as that of social distancing to keep the virus from spreading in a scattered manner, better known as community transmission. Until the contamination remains within a cluster, it can be repressed, however, there will be no stopping it once it starts spreading in a scattered manner, the ministry said.

Remarkably, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, earlier this week, extended the nationwide lockdown till May 3 in order to contain the viral infection that does not cease to spread.

There are more than 13,000 positive cases in the country, with over 1,007 reported in the past 24 hours. At least 437 people have died so far, while some 1,748 have recovered from the deadly disease.