New Delhi: Union Minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi on Monday came down heavily on the Congress for questioning the strikes carried out by the Indian Air Force last week.

“Chot jo hai vo aatankawaadi aur Pakistan ko lagi hai, cheekh Congress ki nikal rahi hai. Ek taraf Pakistan sawaal puuchh raha hai, dusri taraf Congress saboot maang rahi hai. Ye Congress aur Pakistan ki jo jugalbandi hai vo ajeeb baat hai (Pakistan and terrorism have been hit but it is the Congress that is crying out in pain. On the one hand, Pakistan is questioning the air strikes and on the other, the Congress is demanding proof. Their working in tandem is a little strange).”

Naqvi was reacting to a host of Congress leaders questioning the air strikes. Senior party leader and former Finance minister P Chidambaram had raised doubt over the recently concluded India’s ‘pre-emptive air strike’ across three terror camps in Pakistan. He asked, “Who earmarked the number of casualties in the attack?”

He pointed out that the Indian Air Force Vice Air Marshal had refused to comment or divulge information on the number of terrorists killed in the strike and asked how there could be reports of least 300 casualties.

Congress leader Navjot Sidhu also asked about the number of casualties. In a tweet, he asked that if the casualties weren’t as many as reported, then what was the purpose of the strike, “uprooting terrorists or trees?”

Speaking in Gujarat earlier, BJP chief Amit Shah had also put the number of casualties in the air strikes at 250. “After the Pulwama attack, everyone thought ‘surgical strikes can’t be done this time, what will happen now?’ At that time PM Modi’s Government did an airstrike on the 13th day and killed more than 250 terrorists,” he had said.