New Delhi/Karachi, May 24: In last one year the relationship between India and Pakistan has been in its worst condition and the further deteriorating diplomatic relationship has open more doors for separatist leaders to play their game in Jammu and Kashmir. Justice Markandey Katju who is quite vocal on social media believes that a limited Indo-Pakistan war in coming in next few days. To my mind, a limited, non-nuclear Indo-Pak war is inevitably coming.Also Read - IND vs SA Dream11 Team Prediction, Fantasy Cricket Hints India vs South Africa 3rd ODI: Captain, Vice-Captain, Playing 11s For Today's India vs South Africa ODI, Injury And Team News of Match at Newlands, Cape Town at 2.00 PM IST January 23 Sunday

Here is what Justice Markandey Katju said predicted about India-Pakistan relationship: Also Read - HOPE! Lakes Freezing, These Brave Officials In Kashmir Ensure Birds Don't Starve | Photos

1. The Kashmiri militants will keep making small-scale attacks on Indian army men and the CRPF. These will be typical guerilla type hit and run acts, leaving a few Indian security men killed each time. The militants have the element of surprise in their favour since they choose the time, and place of the attack. Also Read - Beware Domestic Flyers! Now Only 'One Hand Bag' Allowed With Single Check-In Baggage In Flights Due To COVID-19

2. The psychology of a soldier is that when some of his comrades are killed, he gets infuriated, and wants revenge. The problem, however, is that the real attackers would have disappeared, since in hit and run tactics the attacker does not remain long on the scene, and so is hard to catch.

3. The Kashmiri population is almost entirely hostile to India, and so is sympathetic to the militants, and will give sanctuary, food and information to the militants, e.g. about movements of army or CRPF patrols.

4. Our troops will then, on seeing some of their comrades killed, in their fury, attack some civilians who they suspect had given some help or information to the militants. This will result in incidents like the My Lai massacre in Vietnam, further increasing the Kashmiri hostility to our security forces, and making more non-combatants into militants. Somebody whose near and dear one has been killed will seek revenge.

5. A time will come when a Tet-type offensive ( as in Vietnam in January 1968 ) will be launched by the Kashmiri militants on our troops, causing hundreds, if not thousands of casualties on both sides.

6. This will put immense pressure on our govt. and army to take retaliatory measures, and this will probably be our army crossing the LOC and entering Pakistani occupied Kashmir, on the pretext of destroying militants’ camps

7. But this time a ‘surgical strike’ will not be possible. Now the Pakistan army is prepared, and will not be caught off guard. And this means a limited war between the two countries

8. After some time the U.N. Security Council will call for a cease-fire, but by that time thousands of soldiers on both sides would have been killed.

9. This war would have long time repercussions on the sub-continent.

(Disclaimer: The above article was originally posted by Justice Markandey Katju)