New Delhi, Mar 13: Is your city providing fastest fixed broadband speed? If answer is no, then head to Chennai which has topped the list in providing the best download speed. India has ranked 67th in the world in terms of download speed over fixed broadband, revealed by Ookla on Tuesday. Also Read - TikTok Returning in India After July 22?

According to the report, in February, India’s download speed over fixed broadband based on the ‘Speedtest Global Index’ had an average speed of 20.72 Mbps. Also Read - Nationwide Lockdown on Cards? After States, Is Centre Planning to Impose Total Shutdown to Contain COVID-19 Spread? Here's The Complete Truth

This south city download speed over 32.67 Mbps for fixed broadband is 57.7 percent faster than the rest of country’s average. Besides Chennai, metro cities like Delhi, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Visakhapatnam has also scored higher than the country’s average of 20.72 Mbps. The analysis is based on February data. Also Read - GoDaddy Hosts Fundraiser With Ketto For Indian SMEs Hit During COVID-19

The Ookla report showed that Karnataka had download speed of 28.46 Mbps in February which is 37.4 percent faster.  Tamil Nadu is a close second at 27.94 Mbps. Mizoram is the slowest with a mean download speed of 3.62 Mbps in February. Bengaluru average speeds of 27.2 mbps while Delhi is at 5th position with average speeds of 18.16 mbps. Mumbai was at the lowest among the four big metros with an overall ranking of 8.

Eastern Patna city is very slowest city compared to the rest of the country, with speeds averaging 62.4 per cent slower than the country’s average. Kanpur, Lucknow, Pune and Nagpur are also lower than that of their respective states.