New Delhi: India has announced that it successfully conducted the transfer of personnel from a distressed submarine to Deep Submergence Rescue Vehicle (DSRV).
The DSRV based in Visakhapatnam undertook “live mating exercise” or transfer of personnel on June 2, Sunday.
The personnel transfer included transfer from a bottomed submarine, INS Sindhudhvaj, which was stimulating as a “distress submarine” to the surface using DSRV through which the Navy personnel were rescued.
A Navy statement said, “The live mating exercise is a historic achievement towards DSRV integration into the Indian Navy and would pave the way for the Indian Navy to emerge as a Submarine Rescue Provider in the Indian Ocean region”.

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It further added, “The submarine hatches on which the mating was carried out have been certified by the IN Submarine Designer i.e. DND (SDG). This is also a skill that has been newly acquired by the Indian Navy.”
India had inducted DSRV last year and is a small submarine used for rescue missions. Indian DSRV has the capability to rescue personnel from a distressed submarine up to a depth of 650 m.

India plans to emerge as a center of regional excellence for Submarine Rescue Services.
DSRV is being already used by countries like the US, Australia, China, Japan, Singapore, UK, South Korea, Russia, France, Norway & Italy.
With inputs from Sidhant Sibal