Mumbai: Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis on Saturday said that India will see more than one ‘Maharashtrian’ as its Prime Minister by the year 2050. Asked if India will see Maharashtrian PM by 2050, Fadnavis replied, “Why not? Of course, we’ll see. If anyone has really ruled India, in real sense, it is Maharashtrians and we have the capability to reach Attock. More than one Maharashtrian would occupy PM’s post by 2050.”

The Chief Minister made the remarks at a public interview at the inaugural session of the 16th Jagatik Marathi Sammelan (World Marathi Conference) in Nagpur. The session was attended by Congress leader Sushilkumar Shinde and Union Minister Nitin Gadkari too.

Notably, Attock, now in Pakistan, was briefly conquered by Maratha armies in the 18th century.

Commenting on Maratha reservation, Maharashtra Chief Minister further said that it was not the solution. “If reservation is given to every community, even then government jobs can’t be given to 90% of the young generation. Government can give only 25,000 jobs per year. Reservation is not a solution (sic),” ANI quoted Devendra Fadnavis as saying.

At the height of the Maratha reservations agitation, Nitin Gadkari had earlier stated that even if a reservation is given to the Maratha community, it will not guarantee employment as there are no jobs. Stating that reservation will not guarantee employment, the Union Minister said there is a “school of thought” which wants policy-makers to consider the poorest of poor in every community.

On being asked about the reservation demand by the Maratha community and other communities, he said, “Let’s us assume the reservation is given. But there are no jobs. Because in banks, the jobs have shrunk because of IT. The government recruitment is frozen. Where are the jobs?”

“The problem with the quota is that backwardness is becoming a political interest. Everyone says I am backward. In Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, Brahmins are strong. They dominate politics. (And) They say they are backward,” the BJP leader said.