New Delhi: Guess who’s trolling? None other than the Indian Air Force! The IAF, which showed its prowess and might in the Balakot air strike has now taken to Twitter to troll the Pakistan military. (Also read: PM Modi Hints at More Action Following Balakot Air Strike)

Through a Hindi poem posted on its official Twitter handle, the IAF has hinted at how it had to ‘cross the limit’ as someone crossed theirs. This thinly veiled attack is on Pakistan as India conducted pre-emptive strike at Jaish-e-Mohammed’s terror camp in Balakot following the Pulwama terror attack.@iaf_mcc.

Penned by a Bipin Illahabadi, it is called ‘Hadd Sarhad Ki, (limits of the border) and hints at the reasons why IAF had to cross the border to conduct air strikes. It talks of a fighter called ‘Mrigmarichika’ (Mirage) who had to cross the boundaries as someone else had crossed all the limits.

It says ‘today we had to cross over and use a special way to remind them to behave”. Hinting at the damage caused by the 12 Mirage 2000 fighter jets, it goes on to say, “How will they sleep tonight..after what we did today, they will be scared as the night falls”.

It says the enemy would be fearful of the “fireworks” at night. The poem says that we have crossed the boundaries this time and touched the adversary by way of warning.

Meanwhile, amid the Opposition seeking details of the death toll in the air strike, Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh had stated that the number of terrorists killed would be known soon. Mocking the Opposition leaders, Singh added, “If my Congress friends feel that the numbers should be informed then go, count and ask people there. Politics should not be done only to form a government, but it should be rather used to build the country.”

“Kitne mare, kitne mare?” (how many died?) Should our Air Force go and count the bodies after the attack– 1,2, 3, 4, 5…? What is this joke?” he had asked.