New Delhi, Mar 18: The airports in India are at highest risk of saturation with the increase in number of passengers. They are operating beyond their capacity presently and needs to expand it. Also Read - Delhi: Final Phase Trial of Contactless Ticketing System to Begin in 3,000 Cluster Buses Through 'Chartr' From Monday | All You Need to Know

Quoted by AFP, South Asia Director at the Centre for Aviation (CAPA), Binit Somaia, said “There’s an urgent need for capacity building in major Indian airports as they are bursting at the seams and close to saturation”. Also Read - IT Department Detects Rs 220 Crore in Black Money After Raids on Chennai-Based Tiles Company

There is huge rise in air travelling as more middle class is now taking air routes. According to experts airport infrastructure has already begun creaking under the strain and will surely be unable to cope with the increasing pressure of passenger volume growth. Over the last three years, domestic passenger traffic has grown at a rate of 18.9 percent, rising from 61 million to 103 million passengers, in 2017. India is now the third largest domestic market in the world. Also Read - Arvind Kejriwal Blames BJP For Red Fort Violence, Says Farmers Can Be Anything But Anti-Nationals

Indian airports handled 265 million domestic passengers in 2016 and this number will cross 300 million this year, according to CAPA. The country’s entire airport network is only capable of handling 317 million passengers.

For airlines, the big challenge would be getting arrival/departure time slots and parking bays. Indian carriers are expected to induct close to 350-400 aircraft over the next five years. The experts say that air tickets are now available at very low price all credits to low cost airlines and any traveller can easily buy it. This is giving government a challenge to build a infrastructure to cope up with soaring congestion.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi Udaan Scheme has made air travel accessible. In this year budget also government allocated $613 million to the Airports Authority of India to expand facilities.