New Delhi, Sep 27: The Indian Army is planning to arm its Pinaka rockets with nuclear weapons to counter Pakistan prime minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi’s recent threat. After Abbasi flaunted his country’s preparedness to counter the Indian Army with its short-range nuclear weapons, NDA government said that India does have the option of matching the mini-nukes of its western neighbour, Pakistan. Also Read - Pakistan PM Rules Out Closing Down Businesses Amid Surge in COVID-19 Cases

Abbasi at the United Nations General Assembly, held in New York, threatened India saying that Pakistan has developed short-range nuclear weapons as a “counter to New Delhi’s “cold-start doctrine” that India has developed”. “Again, those are in the same command-and-control authority that controls the other strategic weapons,” he added. Also Read - PM Imran Khan Approves Chemical Castration of Rapists in Pakistan, Law Soon to be Presented in Parliament

Government sources told Mail Today that Pakistan was flaunting their tactical nukes that they have developed with the help of the Chinese. Produced in India, Pinaka multi-barrel rocket launcher was developed by Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) for the Indian Army and can be used to arm with the nuclear missiles. Also Read - India Briefs Foreign Envoys on Pakistan Hand in Terror Plot Foiled in Nagrota Last Week

Pinaka was used during the Kargil War where, as per the reports, it was successful in neutralising enemy positions on the mountain tops. Pinaka has been inducted into the Indian Army in large numbers. By the year 2014, approximately 5,000 missiles were being produced every year with enhanced technology and range.

A group of scientists from America said that Pakistan has stored their tactical nukes at nine different locations across the country. Most of the locations are “near the bases which have the capability to launch big nuclear missiles”, India Today reported.

Pinaka has a maximum range of 40 kilometres for Mark-I and 75 kilometres for Mark-II. It can fire a salvo of 12 rockets in 44 seconds and can destroy a target area of four square kilometres at a time. Pinaka Rocket Mark-II has been evolved from Pinaka Mark-I. It is equipped with navigation, guidance and control kit.